Unmarried Sibling’s Sister Wedding

Here is another e-mail from and I hate weddings.com reader:

I am currently trying to plan my wedding. I am in a tough spot.

On the weekend in April 2012 when I want to get married, my brother's birthday is on Saturday. I know having a wedding on an unmarried sibling's birthday is the ultimate thunderstealing.

So which is worse, getting married on a sibling's birthday or getting married on a Sunday? I'm guessing I'll have to choose the Sunday to get married.

Erica T.

How about this? If you're planning that far away why not pick May 2012? That'll make your single sibling less suicidal. Don't be a thunder stealing douche bag.

Bought Close To Registry, Told To Return It

Do you buy the bride and groom gifts off the registry? What if you found something similar to what the bride and groom asked for on the registry and thought it was nicer, would you give it to them instead? What would you do if the bride then called you and said "That is not what I asked for . . . RETURN IT!"

Here is a true story from an "Angry Maid Of Honor" and a reply from the creator of IHateWeddings.com

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Bride's Brother At The Bachelor Party

Do you have to invite the Bride's relatives to the bachelor party? What if they are in the wedding party? This week Thomas J. Kelly gives you the two questions you need to ask every guest before they attend your bachelor or bachelorette parties!

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Single Aunt Going To Niece's Wedding

We have "fan mail" from someone who is 40, single (not by choice) and has to go to her niece's wedding.

Is it horrible to not want to go to my nieces wedding? I'm 40 and still single. It isn't by choice. I really want to be in a relationship. Over the past few years my biggest nightmare is that my niece or nephew would get married before me and I wouldn't even have a boyfriend. How do I get out of this without hurting them?

Let's see if we can help our friend out! Read my response and leave comments!

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Your Responses: Don't Give A Gift In 2006

In response to I Hate Weddings.com's "Don't Give A Gift In 2006" campaign, one reader asks these questions: "Do you have to give a gift at a third wedding?" "Do you have to give a gift if the person makes that much more money than you?" and "Do you hate brides and grooms that think they are doing YOU a favor by inviting you to THEIR wedding?"

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I Hate Showers More

Becky in Ohio writes to us posing the question: "What's worse weddings or showers?" Do you know a "grubby" bride or groom? Leave us a comment with your story about most ridiculous shower or wedding gift request stories!

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I'm Not Alone

Here's one note from a supportive fan asking about IHateWeddings.com updates!

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