July 4th Wedding Part II

Are weddings on Holiday weekends tacky? Readers responded to Thomas J. Kelly's piece on July 4th weddings with both fan and hatemail alike. After reading the mail, Kelly wrote a more specific follow up piece explaining his disdain for holiday weekend weddings.

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Can You Get Here In An Hour?

After getting a voicemail from an old friend, Tom finds out she's engaged and that the engagement party is in one hour. Tom learns how to go to an engagement party when you're not sure if the fiance is the old boyfriend.

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White Tuxedoes

Last month IHateWeddings.com asked whether or not this man, Justin Calabrese was:

A) A Waiter
B) A Valet Parker
C) A Groomsman
D) A Devoted BoyzIIMen Fan

Here are the results!

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Destination Wedding: Poland

Tom looks forward to the excitement of a "destination wedding" at a really lame destination!

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The Best Wedding Of 2003

Marc and Queyn
What do you do when you converted to Judaism and your new mother-in-law won't cut down her 80 person guest list and she's not chipping in for the reception?

When forsaking Christ isn't enough . . .

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