Green Wedding Tips

A comedienne friend Nancy Dadarrio is writing a blog about how to have a green wedding. I've looked through her blog and found that being green could be the gateway to having a great wedding where your guests don't end up resenting you. I'm putting my notes in Italics.

• Minimize your bridal carbon footprint by getting married near where most of your guests live. Stay local and spend more time with your friends, and less dealing with travel stress.

Destination weddings aren't only self-centered, they are killing the environment.

• Have the ceremony and the reception at the same place, or providing eco-friendly transportation between them.

• Provide mass transit for your guests from the reception hall. An eco-friendly “drunk bus” minimizes carbon emissions while reducing the risk of drunk driving.

• Arrive at the ceremony in a horse-drawn carriage, cycle rickshaw, or hybrid car.

Sadly Long Islanders, Hummer does not make a hybrid stretch limo.

• Consider an environmentally friendly wedding dress.

You're going to be wearing it once. Make sure it's biodegradable before your great grand kids throw it into a landfill for all eternity.

My Greenlicious Wedding

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