Stand By Wedding Guest

We’ve all heard of A list wedding guests . . . the friends and family you definitely have to invite to a wedding. Then you have B list wedding guests, the friends you love and they barely made the cut.

Then you have the C list wedding guests. That would be coworkers and people who get invited very last minute. They wind up at the “freak table.”

Now we all know there is nothing sadder than having empty seats at your wedding. You need your guests who RSVP yes to actually show up.

How do you prevent unsightly empty seats? Standby wedding guests. These guests are your casual friends who you’d like to invite but can’t. These guests are your lower income casual friends, people who’d like a free steak and probably don’t have plans.

Stand by guests would come to the wedding. And be high end seat fillers. But unlike seat fillers, these are people you know who’d you like to come to your wedding. You just aren’t sure if you had room.

For example my friends Amy and Arnold wanted to invite me to their wedding. But they didn’t think they’d have enough room. It turned out they had 12 people not show up for the wedding. They had 12 empty seats. That made it look like they didn’t have 200 friends.

Now Standby wedding guests are different than “Wedding Crashers.” If they don’t get a seat, these people are nice enough to go home without making a scene.

The perks of being a standby wedding guest: The bride gets the comfort of knowing she won’t have empty seats at her wedding. The stand by wedding guest doesn’t’ have to buy a gift.

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